© 2015 Aaron Atkinson

Fine Dining

We’re driving down the street. Laura sees a new restaurant.

Laura: The Tilted Kilt. I’ve never heard of that before. I wonder what kind of restaurant it is.

Me: It’s not the kind of place we’d likely go.

Laura: How do you know?

Me: I’ve seen their ads in some of my hunting and fishing magazines. They’re in the same genre as Hooters and Twin Peaks.

Laura: Oh. Yep. Not for us.

Me: What do you think would happen if we went in there with Finn?

Laura: I bet we’d get a few looks.

Me: You’re probably right. And can you imagine what would go through his mind if he woke up from a nap to see all of that cleavage?

Laura: It’d be quite the shock.

Me: He’d probably think we brought him to an all-he-can-eat-buffet!


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