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Sick Sense of Humor

While standing at the gate in Dallas, the friendly white haired man chatted and joked with anyone who’d listen. He was quick with a smile and the twinkle in his eye was clearly visible.

I got on the plane before he did, and when he and his wife eventually boarded, he claimed the open seat directly in front of me.

As I rose to help them stow their luggage, I figured I’d give him a dose of his own, good natured medicine, wanting to see how he’d respond. With a smile and a wink, I said…

Me: Just to let you know, I’m scared of flying. When I get scared I get twitchy. And when I get twitchy I have a habit of kicking the seat in front of me. Apologies in advance.

Him: No problem. Just to let you know, I have ebola. Apologies in advance.

Well played, old timer. Well played.

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