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I tend to pay close attention to the Children’s Moment at church, as it often lends itself to fantastic fodder. Case in point is this recent example…

Dustin: The story today talks about bread and the yeast that’s used to make it. Can someone tell me what yeast is?

A dozen arms fly up, hands waving, fingers wigging.

Dustin: How about you Kate?

Kate: It’s, it’s, it’s… used to make bread.

Dustin: That’s right. Very good. Yeast is used to make bread. Can someone else tell me more about what yeast is?

Arms raise again.

Dustin: Yes, Jimmy?

Jimmy: It’s… um… when the rabbit comes and leaves chocolate for you to find.

Dustin’s brow furrows, but he’s a quick study in toddler psychology.

Dustin: Do you mean the Easter Bunny?

Jimmy’s head nods vigorously in affirmation.

Dustin: You’re right! Who doesn’t love Peter Cottontail – the Yeaster Bunny!

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