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Story Time

Every night before falling asleep, we read. One of our favorites is a story about a white mitten that gets lost in the snow and all of the animals that huddle inside of it. We’ve read it so many times that Finn has it memorized. I’ll say the first few words on the page, nudge him, and in his sweet, tired, toddler voice he’ll say the rest. It’s so cute, and he’s so smart that it makes me chuckle with love, happiness, and pride. But the chuckle breaks the reading spell. He doesn’t like me laughing and he realizes that he’s doing all of the work.

Finn: You read it, Daddy.

So I flip the page… read a few words…  nudge… he starts reciting… I chuckle… and once again he stops.

Finn: Daddy, don’t laugh. Read!

I can’t help it and I keep chuckling.

Finn: Daddy… just reeeead!

Me: So the mole, the hedgehog, the rabbit, the badger, the owl, the fox, the bear, and the mouse…. I love you buddy.

Finn: Daaaaddy…

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