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Missing it

We’re in church with Laura’s family. It’s Easter. The pastor, whose morning message is typically videoed and projected for the congregants, has made a surprise live appearance to deliver his sermon. The two women in the pew behind us are ecstatic.

Woman 1: This is sooo awesome.

Woman 2: Sooo awesome.

W1: I’ve been coming here for five years and I’ve never heard him speak live.

W2: I’m so glad our kids are in the nursery and that we can enjoy his Easter message in peace.

W1: You can almost feel the spirit in the room.

W2: I know, right!

As the pastor starts into his message, they squeal in a whisper of unbridled glee.

Suddenly there appears a message on the projector screen that reads: “Would the parents of E. Anderson please come to the nursery.”

It’s W1’s child.


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