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Christmas Morning

On the night before Christmas we played some games; set milk, cookies and carrots out for Santa and his reindeer; flicked off the lights on the Christmas tree; and came upstairs for bed.

I tucked Finn under his cozy blanket and then went to his bedroom window. I opened the curtain a little bit and told him that in the morning he had to wait until the sky wasn’t black before he got out of bed.

I checked on him 10 minutes later and he was fast asleep with sugarplums dancing.

The next morning, Finn was the first to wake up. He stayed in bed until 730. He tip-toed into our room, stood next to my side of the bed, and tapped me on the arm.

Finn: Daddy, did Santa come?

Me: Yeah, buddy.

Finn: Are you teasing?

Me: No, buddy.

Finn: Yay!!! Is it light enough to get up?

Me: It sure is.

Finn: Yay!!! I didn’t sleep at all.

Me: Merry Christmas, buster.

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