© 2020 Aaron Atkinson


Laura and the kids are at the dinner table. Gray spills a fork-full of spaghetti on her shirt.

Gray: Oh my gosh! I’m going to go upstairs and change my shirt.

Laura: It’s just a little sauce, Sissy. Why don’t you wait until after supper is finished to put on new clothes in case you spill some more.

Gray: Nope. I’m going to change now. I’ll be right back.

She pushes her chair back from the table, hops down, and starts walking towards the stairs.

Finn calls her name and when she turns to look at him he wags a pointer finger in her direction. If it made a sound it’d be, tisk-tisk.

Laura chuckles.

Gray looks at them both with the iciest glare a three year old can muster and as she stomps up the stairs she exclaims, “You’re both being obnoxious!”

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