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When Snakes Fly

Last month I asked Finn what one animal he hoped to see this summer. Without hesitation he replied, “a snake.”

Two weeks ago at our favorite pond in St. Joseph, MO a big brown snake swam past our boat. While we were fishing on shore this afternoon we spooked another brown snake into the water. But the ultimate encounter occurred last night at Grammy and Pops house when we got to spend several minutes with a three-foot, red striped garter snake who was all too willing to bluff strike at us to Finn’s perpetual amazement.

Finn: Daddy, I’ve been praying every night to see a snake.

Me: You have? That’s great. You’ve got to see a whole bunch of them.

Finn: I know. It’s so awesome.

Gray: Daddy, I’ve been praying every night to see a unicorn.

Me: Have you?

Gray: Yep!

Finn: Well that’s never going to happen!

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