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Dad, Not Dude

At two years old, Nash doesn’t say as much as Gray did when she was his age. He’s got some of the basics down and he’s starting to figure it out, but he pretty much let’s his chubby cheeks, blue eyes and expressive face do most of his talking.

Tonight, as I do every night, I read him stories and rocked him to the edge of sleep at bedtime. I laid him in his crib with his head on a stuffed animal. He sucked on one pacifier while holding three more in his hands. I gently laid his cozy blanket over him and quietly flipped off his nightlight as I turned up his white noise machine.

As I opened his door and quietly slipped into the hallway, I whispered, “Love you, buddy. Good night.”

To which Nash, as clear as day, responded, “Goodnight, dude.”

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