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The Safe Road

Finn and I were taking a drive to do a little hunting.

Me: Finny, did you know that before you were born, I used to ride my bike on this road with Mr. Ryan?

Finn: So why did you stop?

Me: Because even though this is a country road, it’s a little bit dangerous to ride with cars, and once I became your daddy, I didn’t want anything bad to happen.

Finn: How come?

Me: I suppose because I love you so much and I want to make sure that I’m around to see you grow up and to spend time with you and to teach you things.

Finn: But before I was born you didn’t care as much about that stuff?

Me: Well, it was different. I didn’t know you, or Gray, or Nash yet.

Finn: So before you knew us, you were more okay with getting hurt?

Me: I didn’t want to get hurt, but now I really don’t want to get hurt because I want to be with you guys. It’s a little hard to explain. I guess you could say I’ve got more to lose from getting hurt these days.

Finn: Daddy. Is hunting dangerous?

Me: I suppose it’s a little bit dangerous. But we’re super careful.

Finn: Well, it’s dangerous for the birds.

Me: You’ve got that right. I love you buddy.

Finn: I know, Daddy.

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