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Life Well Fished

Springtime is fishing time, and just like his Daddy, Finn loves a fishing trip. Last week, when our friend Colin invited us to soak his boat, we jumped at the opportunity to get Finn in a motor boat for the first time.

We fished away a beautiful afternoon, and while the water was still a little cold, we managed to land a few white bass and crappies. Unfortunately for the kiddos (and for us), the action was just a little slow to keep them fully engaged. That all changed when we splashed a few fish into the live well. All of a sudden we had an onboard aquarium that held their collective attention like a magnet.

As they are prone to do, the kids had a ceaseless flow of questions on the topic…

Finn: Daddy, why is it called a life well? I’m not sure that life is going so well for those fish in there.

Olive: Daddy, can we put some minnows in the life well? The fish look hungry.

Finn: Daddy, instead of fishing in the lake, I think I could catch more fish if I fished in the life well. Can I try?

We may not have filled the ‘life well’ but it was a great day in which we lived life well.

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