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Career Considerations

As our kids get older, it’s interesting to see their unique personalities develop. And as those personalities take shape, it’s fun to think about the careers they may one day hold.

Finn, for example loves the outdoors – he won’t enjoy being stuck in an office. He’s also great with numbers and a master negotiator. His favorite ploy is to make a mess and then promise to clean up the mess in exchange for something he really wants like dessert or to stay up late. Finn has all the makings of a successful salesman.

Gray is sharp as a whip and feisty to match. The other evening as Laura was putting her to bed, Gray wanted a drink of water. Laura started to object when Gray rolled over, pulled the sheets over her pretty head, rolled away and said, “I will not hear of this!” She’s our little attorney.

Nash is still a bit too young to start to play into these hypotheticals. That said, events of late may be an early indication that he’s got a career in the arts – music or the theater may be in his future. Perhaps this isn’t the last time we’ll say, “Break a leg, buddy.”  Hopefully in the future, it’s a bit more figurative.

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