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Indie’s Greatest Day

Indie: (In body language) I don’t care what you do to me, this is THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!

Aaron: (In awe) Holy crap…

As I write this, Indie is nearing 1,000 days old. On 999 of those days she has met me at the door upon my arrival home from work. This is the story of that missing day.

Seeing that she wasn’t there to greet me with tail slapping against the wall and bright orange ball in her mouth, I called her name. Moments later I heard the pattering of paws buzzing down the stairs. Bad news. While at nine months I trusted her on the hardwood floored main level, upstairs was off limits – blocked with a baby gate.

On this day, Indie managed to crack the baby gate code. When a tornadic puppy with hours to burn meets a stack of bedside books the only reasonable output is confetti.

From the first rip of paper she must of known she was “in for a penny, in for a pound.” So she tore for all she was worth. I can imagine her shredding until she was too exhausted to shred anymore, then taking a nap on a pile of shrapnel only to wake up a while later and start shredding again.

I was in such shock that I couldn’t bring myself to punish her. And she, having avoided repercussion, must have thought instead that I was somewhat impressed with her handiwork. With uncertain eyes locked upon me,  my pup proceed to grab a yet un-shredded page from a book by Gene Hill, and give me a demonstration of how she’d produced her masterpiece.

The ripping sound was like smelling salts, snapping me back to reality. I took one step towards her and she flopped onto her back, feathered tail submissively fanning a swath of page litter. Knowing that the damage was done, and that she’d thoroughly enjoyed herself, I couldn’t bring myself to get angry with her. Instead I escorted her outside so that I could clean up in peace.

Speaking of cleaning up, in case your curious as to how I collected thousands of pieces of paper… I used a yard rake.

Her best day ever is certainly one of my most memorable.

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  1. Ruth Anne Henault
    Posted July 30, 2010 at 1:25 pm | #

    Our Jackson’s main vice is dirty kleenex from the garbage can – he even takes the lid off of a swing-top can if we have been so careless as to toss some in there! It has been a long time since we had anything to compare with your picture tho, it’s true!!

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