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Joke’s on You

When Tim and I went to the Royals game, we had awesome seats three rows from the field. Any time there was a break in the action a woman would come and stand in the aisle next to us.

Tim: Why does that usher keep coming down between innings?

Me: You mean┬áDeborah? The aisle cop? She’s there to keep guys like you from running out on the field.

Tim: I’ve got 150 pounds on her, and she’s got 50 years on me. I think I could take her if I wanted to.

Me: I think you should do it. Run on the field. It would be hilarious to see them bust out the tazer on you.

We laugh and in our minds picture Tim getting zapped by 50,000 volts.

Me: (laughing harder) It’d probably make you pee yourself.

Tim: (laughing so hard he’s crying) I borrowed your shorts!

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