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Driving Jacket

Laura is in the market for a new car. On a recent drive we made a list of all the contenders.

Laura: I think that out of all the cars on my list, if I could pick just one for someone to give me, it would be the Nissan¬†Maxima. It’s cool, yet serious.

It was a little chilly that day, so for the first time this Fall I was wearing the jacket I’ve blogged about in the past.

Me: So you’re saying that in your new car, you’d like to look sort of how I look when I wear my jacket with the sueded elbows? Donning it, I too am cool yet serious.

Laura chuckles and looks out the window. We pass a bright orange¬†Honda Fit. It’s a silly little car. She looks back at me.

Laura: How would you describe that Honda? Cool yet serious?

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