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Bliss, Not Miss

Last Saturday, Laura and I attended the first wedding we’d been to since our own. During the ceremony, as we sat in the wooden pew holding hands and smiling, I experienced, for the first time, a new kind of magic and joy from attending a wedding. Watching them get married reminded me of how special our wedding was. As they played songs that we played at our wedding, I relived the excitement and awesomeness of our day.

In a way, it was just like getting married all over again… only without all of the stress, the expense, the months of planning and the million little details.

On the drive home…

Laura: That made me miss our wedding day. Did watching them get married make you want to relive our wedding day over again?

Me: Not one bit. Watching them get married, did allow me to relive our wedding day over again, only, just the really good parts.


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