© 2012 Aaron Atkinson

Bad Birdmen

We got a tip from a friend on a hot hunting spot. So we parked our four vehicles along the only road into this cattail pheasant haven more than two hours prior to legal shooting time. As we sat, we visited and we watched hundreds of pheasants running, flying and feeding the morning light. It was exciting seeing all those birds, and even more exciting knowing that we were sitting on a prime spot.

And then the unthinkable happened. Ten minutes before it was time to hunt, a fifth vehicle pulled up and parked in the midst of us. We sent Tim, the largest and most intimidating of us all to go and have a chat with these Michigander intruders. While we couldn’t hear what was being said, we could easily read Tim’s body language. He started off smiling and casually leaning against their window, and within 30 seconds he’d backed away and crossed his arms. Moments later he walked back to the van shaking his head. “I told them we have 12 guys and that we’ve been here since before 8 a.m. He told me to *expletive* off and that since this is public land they had every right to hunt where ever they wanted to.”

Well they didn’t hunt among us. Instead they drove to the to the far end of the field, to the end that we were planning on hunting towards, and they pushed it laterally, moving the birds out of the end of the field. We shook our heads in disappointment as we watched this display of poor sportsmanship, ethics, safety and humanity.

That night as we sat eating dinner in the restaurant next to our hotel, we noticed that at the table next to us sat the trio of weasel-eyed, degenerates who’d over-hunted us that morning.

Dennis: They’ve got a few opens chairs at their table. We should go sit next to them.

Me: They might be upset by that. Are you sure you want to sit next to them?

Dennis: No, but I do want to tell them that since this is a public restaurant I have every right to sit where ever I want to.

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