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Empathy Crashing

Last week I flew with six other coworkers to a business meeting in Atlanta.

As we sat in the airport waiting to catch our flight I chatted with my division’ s VP, the director of sales, the marketing manager, the customer service manager, the HR manager and a product manager. A couple of hours later, I called Laura from the hotel lobby.

Laura: How was your flight?

Me: Good. I read Crossing the Chasm until I couldn’t take it anymore, then I read Field & Steam.

Laura: Who did you fly with?

Me: Almost everyone. (I rattled off the list above.)

Laura: Geeze. If that flight went down, the business was going to be in serious trouble.

Me: Ha! I guess you’re right.

Laura: That would be kind of sad for all of the hundreds of people whose jobs would be in jeopardy if the business went under.

Me: I suppose. But it would have been kind of sad for the seven of us too.

Laura: Oh yeah. There’s that.


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