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Control and Compliments

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece about a less than perfect lawn-improvement sales pitch.¬†Well, since then a combination of fertilizer, timely rains, mild temperatures and a bit of weed spraying have rendered a nearly flawless lawn. And folks are taking notice. The other day a knock came at our front door. I wasn’t home, so Laura answered.

Matt: Hi, I’m Matt. I’m with ProTurf. Are you the homeowner?

Laura: I am.

Matt: Well I’m going door-to-door in your neighborhood trying to sell our weed control services. But by the looks of things, you guys have it pretty well under control.

Laura: Thanks.

Matt: If you don’t mind my asking, which lawn service company do you use?

Laura: We don’t use one. My husband does it himself.

Matt:¬†Nice. He’s doing a good job. Say, do you think he’d want to let us take over?

Laura: I don’t think so. He’s strange about it. I think he actually likes spraying weeds.

Matt: A man after my own heart. What if I did it for the cost of the chemicals he buys?

Laura: I don’t think so.

Matt: What if I got your neighbors to sign up? Do you think he’d let me take care of your lawn then?

Laura: Maybe, but I bet he’d still decline.

Matt: Well by the looks of things he’s got things under control. But I’ll leave my card anyway, just in case.

Laura: Thanks. And for all of our sakes, good luck with the neighbors.

Matt: I’ll need it. Good night.

Laura: Good night.

When Laura called me to tell me this story, my heart swelled with pride. And I have to give it to him, compared to his competition, Matt had a pretty good sales pitch.

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