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I’ve noticed recently that team meetings at work are providing some excellent blog fodder. This one aroused a really good eye roll, head shake and chuckle.

Me: I went fishing this weekend on and Ozark pond and I got a chigger bite on my thigh that itches like crazy.

Ken: Oh man I hate chiggers!

Lou: Chiggers? What are chiggers?

Me: They’re a microscopic bug that lives where it’s warm, climbs on you when you’re in the grass – especially near water, bites you and then sucks up your dissolved skin cells.

Lou: Nasty!

Me: That’s an understatement. The itch is so intense that I’m pretty sure these little bugs are the literal spawn of Satan.

Ken: Lou, honestly, how do you not know what chiggers are?

Lou: Um, probably because I never go outside. The only things I find outside are sunburns, bug bites and imminent danger.

Ken: You’re kidding?

Lou: No I’m not. Heck, I get nervous just walking from my car into the office!



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